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About the WorldCat registry

What is the WorldCat registry?

The WorldCat registry is a Web-based directory for libraries and library consortia. It is an authoritative single source for information that defines institutional identity, services, relationships, contacts and other key data. With it, you can get greater visibility on the Web for your collection and services by syndicating your data over a variety of Web services including

Augmentez la visibilité de vos contenus et services sur le Web

When you maintain a registry profile, your institution's online services also get greater visibility in places they normally wouldn't. Through a variety of open-source Web services, your registry data is syndicated across many popular Web sites and mobile applications where information seekers start to search, such as With links such as your online catalog's base URL or your OpenURL resolver distributed in this manner, more people from a broad-based Web audience discover and use your content.

To search and display public WorldCat registry information, please see the WorldCat registry.

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