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Sources de données

WorldCat registry has been pre-populated with profiles for many institutions worldwide. These include libraries and consortia that are members of the OCLC cooperative; profiles for these institutions have been automatically generated using information previously provided to OCLC.

Les profils de nombreux autres établissements et consortiums en dehors de la coopérative OCLC ont également été générés. Les données pour ces profils ont gracieusement été fournies par :

Les organisations et sites Web suivants se sont également engagés à ajouter des informations : (Finlande) et Libweb (international).

OCLC remercie ces organisations pour leurs contributions.

 Note: Registry profiles that were automatically generated from existing data may be incomplete. Institutions that are members of the OCLC cooperative or that have previously contributed information to one of these external sources should review the auto-generated profile and establish an authorized WorldCat registry user account. Update existing data as necessary and fill in any missing information.

Your participation in the WorldCat registry and continued maintenance of registry data spreads awareness of institutional collections on the Web and helps create more opportunities for discovery, use and appreciation of your content and services. Thank you!

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