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Set up integration

Tipasa and WorldShare Acquisitions integration allows you to transfer purchase requests from Tipasa into WorldShare Acquisitions.

 Note: For the Place Patron Hold feature to function properly for purchasing requests in WorldShare Acquisitions, a Location Policy for all holding locations is required. For more information, please see Location Policy, Place Patron Hold.

To enable this feature:

  1. Navigate to the WorldShare ILL >Tipasa WMS Integration module in the OCLC Service Configuration.
  2. In the Acquisitions section, select the On check box next to Enable WMS Acquisitions integration.
  3. Click Save.


Create a Direct Request Profile to route requests directly to WorldShare Acquisitions 

To route patron initiated purchasing requests directly to WorldShare Acquisitions, create a Direct Request Profile.

To add a direct request profile:

  1. Click Create New Direct Request Profile.
  2. Fill in the fields as desired. See Direct Request Profiles fields for details.
  3. Under Route to Review for Purchase, select Route to WMS Acquisitions.
  4. Click Save as New.