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What is the WorldCat registry and why should I use it?

The WorldCat registry is a Web-based directory of library profiles with information about the library itself, including location, hours and services provided. This authoritative service allows any institution to:

  1. Créer et maintenir des informations institutionnelles complètes dans un endroit sécurisé et accessible sur le Web.
  2. Accroître la visibilité des services institutionnels et des contenus par le biais de services Web comme

The registry provides a secure Web platform where all parties can quickly access the most up-to-date information. You avoid having to maintain duplicate information.

When your institution participates in the WorldCat registry, you also realize another key benefit: your services get greater visibility online via and in Web-enabled applications like mobile phones. This means that more people will discover, link to, and use your content.