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Reports are available to Tipasa users through OCLC Usage Statistics and WorldShare Reports.

OCLC Usage Statistics

Use OCLC Usage Statistics to access reports for your institution. Once logged in to Tipasa, click the link from the Tipasa Home screen to go to OCLC Usage Statistics. Use your institution's nine-digit ILL authorization number and password to log in to the Usage Statistics portal.  New reports are available by the 10th day of each month.

WorldShare Reports

Tipasa users have access to Document Delivery reports through WorldShare Reports. Document delivery data is available from the first time your library used the document delivery functionality in Tipasa through the end of the previous calendar month. Going forward, OCLC plans to deliver data by the third day of the month (U.S. Eastern Time). For example, June 2017 data should be available by July 3, 2017. Users must have the WORLDSHARE_ILL_ADMIN role to view the Reports tab and Interlibrary Loan Reports.

To access the Document Delivery reports, log into WorldShare and navigate to Analytics > Reports > Reports > Interlibrary Loan Reports.

Users can run the following reports:


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