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Patron Request Workform fields

Bibliographic Section Fields

The Bibliographic Section contains fields that patron can use to describe the item they are requesting.

These are all the fields available in the Bibliographic Section:

Field Description
Article title/Chapter title Name of the article or chapter
Article author Author of the article
Author Author of the item
Date Publication date of the item
DOI Digital object identifier
Edition (text) Edition of the item
Format Format of the item
ISBN International Standard Book Number (ten or thirteen-digit number)
ISSN International Standard Serial Number (eight-digit number)
Issue Issue of the article
OCLC# OCLC Number, a unique identifier assigned to WorldCat records
Page Numbers Page numbers of the article or chapter
Place of Publication Item's place of publication
PMID PubMed identifier
Publisher Publisher of the item
Title/Journal Title Title of the item [e.g., book or journal (if it is an article request)]
Where did you learn about this item Allows the patron to enter information about where they found the item (e.g., catalog, Google Scholar, etc.)
Volume Volume of the item

Patron Section Fields

The Patron Section contains fields that the patron can use to describe themselves or the item they are requesting.

These are all the fields that are available in the Patron Section:

Field Description

Address 1

Patron's street address

Address 2

Other address information, such as Apartment, Suite, etc.


Patron's city


Patron's country. Select your country from the list to make it the default setting.


This field can be customized to allow patrons to select a department they are associated with from a customized list.

  • For information on how to customize the list, see 11. Field Values.
  • Note: Be consistent when entering the department names.


  • Department of Chemistry, Department of English, Department of History, etc.
  • ChemDept, EngDept, HistDept, etc.
  • Chemistry, English, History, etc.


Allows the patron to select the preferred edition of the requested item from a list (Any, Recent, This).


Patron's email address


Patron's fax number

First Name

Patron's first name

Last Name

Patron's last name

Need by Date

Allows the patron to enter the date by which the item is needed (in YYYYMMDD format)

This field appears in the Notes field of the Patron section in the borrowing request.

Note to Patron

Enter additional information or provide directions to patrons. When displayed to the patron, the field will not begin with the Note to Patron field label. This field can be reused throughout the form.


  • Using the dropdown below, select which edition of the item you would prefer to receive. (Placed above the Edition field)
  • In the box below, provide any additional information about this request. (Placed above the Notes field)


Provides the patron with a free text field to enter any relevant information about themselves or their request. This field cannot be reused.  The borrowing library can use this field to enter relevant information as well.

Entered via the Comments field in the patron workform. The borrowing library can access the Notes field in the Patron section of the borrowing request.

Character limit: 500

If the Patron Max cost and Need by Date are included on the Patron Request Workform, any information added to these fields are included in the Notes field and are included in the 500 character limit.  

Examples of potential patron entries:

  • Maximum cost $5.00
  • Can pick up from East Branch on Tuesdays.

Patron ID

Allows the patron to enter an identification number (library card, student or faculty id, etc.) in a free text field.

Patron Max cost

If your library charges patrons for certain types of ILL requests, this field allows you to ask patrons to provide information about the maximum amount (in US dollars) that they are willing to pay for a particular item. If it is used, the label could be changed to provide patrons with clearer instructions about what information to enter, or a Note to Patron could be added to explain the meaning of this field.

This field appears in the Notes field of the Patron section in the borrowing request.


  • Max cost I am willing to pay (10. Field Label)
  • Enter the maximum amount that you would be willing to pay for this item if it cannot be obtained for free. (Note to Patron)

Please see Maximum Cost for information about setting the institution's maximum cost.


Patron's phone number. You should recommend patrons to enter their mobile phone number so that they can receive SMS notifications about their request. See Notifications for more information.

Pickup Location (Maximum 400 branches)

Allows the patron to select a preferred pickup location from a customized list.

Postal Code

Patron's postal code (e.g., zip code)

Service Type

Allows the patron to select the type of service being requested from the two options in the list (Book/Media-Loan and Article - copy)


Allows the patron to enter their state. Select your state or province from the list to make it the default setting. Values are available to the United States, Canada, and Australia. A country must be selected if State/Province is included on the form.


Patron's status (within the library, company, school, etc.), selected from a list of customized statuses.

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