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Why do I have a patron who is unable to submit requests in ILLiad?

  • You have a patron who is signing into ILLiad, but cannot submit requests
Applies to
  • ILLiad

There are a couple of reasons a patron is unable to submit a request.

  1. The account is Disavowed.  This means that you probably have more than one account and the old account was merged to a new account.  When you do this process, the original account is Disavowed and the new account is Cleared to use the system.  The patron will not be able to sign in to ILLiad with the Disavowed account.  The patron needs to sign in with the Cleared account.
  2. The account is Blocked.  An account can be blocked because you have it set up in the Customization Manager called Borrowing BlockOnThirdOverdue, or you went into the patron record and Blocked the account.  If a patron is signing into ILLiad and sees the account is Blocked and they cannot submit a request, then you have AllowBlockedAccess set to Yes.  The patron can sign into ILLiad, but cannot submit requests.  If the AllowedBlockedAccess is set to No, then the patron cannot access the system.
  3. It might be a caching problem.  Have the patron try to clear their cache and then open up the browser again and see if it works after that.
  4. If you need to change the patron back to Cleared, then go to the Patron account and click on the Cleared button.  This process will update the patron to Cleared.
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