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Why are my Doc Del Turnaround Time report for Loans showing I do not have any of the time period I chose?

  • When you put in your query for the Turnaround Time report for Doc Del, it shows that there were none.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here is the reason the Turnaround Time Report for Doc Del may not show any requests:

  1. The Turnaround Time report requires that all the steps are taken in the query.  If a step is skipped, then the Transaction is not counted.
  2. The Doc Del Turnaround time Report query is located on the Document Delivery Web Reports page.
  3. Here are the steps:

             1. t.RequestType = 'Loan'

             2. AND t.ProcessType = 'Doc Del

3. AND ((a.ChangedTo LIKE '%Submitted by Customer') OR (a.ChangedTo = 'Request Added through Client') OR (a.ChangedTo like 'Imported from%'))

4. AND ((b.ChangedTo = 'Request in Processing') OR (b.ChangedTo = 'Awaiting Document Delivery Processing'))

5. AND c.ChangedTo = 'In DD Stacks Searching'

6. AND d.ChangedTo = 'Awaiting Doc Del Customer Contact'

7. AND e.ChangedTo LIKE '%Notified%'


If any are missing, then the Transaction is not counted.

Additional information

The issue here can also be found in the Borrowing Turnaround Time reports as well if steps are skipped for loans.

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