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When processing Odyssey Electronic Delivery, I get an error message on the screen

  • When process electronic delivery, you see an error message saying "There was an error retrieving unmatched odyssey documents"
Applies to
  • ILLiad

In previous versions of ILLiad, ILLiad would not look past a certain point for any records that might have the value of Unmatched in the OdysseyReceived Table on the SQL Server.  The current version does.

If OCLC hosts you, contact support by calling 800-848-5800 or emailing support.

If you are self-hosted, you should do the following:

1.  Choose Okay and process any requests you see.
2.  Have the SQL Administrator run the query:

Update OdysseyReceived
Set Status='Received'
Where Status='Unmatched'

After this, ILLiad will no longer try to match documents that do not exist.  You should be able to process requests without issue.


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