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What do I do when returning a book I am finding that the lender on the book is not showing up in the system as the lender?

  • You are returning a book, but when you look at the system it is showing a different lender as the actual lender of the book than the book you have in hand.
Applies to
  • ILLiad, Tipasa, WorldShare ILL

Sometimes there is a problem with the update to OCLC from the lender.  It could be on the Lender side, or it could be a system issue.  Here is what you should do to verify what the problem is and what to do next:

  1. Look at the Lender string in the ILL request.  If your lender was before the current lender and the book in hand is for the earlier lender, then it means that there was an issue in the update for the item shipped from the first lender.
  2. You will need to return the item to the first lender and check with the second lender to make sure that they have their book or if you might have received two books and you need to return their book as well.
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