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I changed the password for my patron in the patron record in ILLiad, but the password does not work?

  • You are having a patron who is unable to logon to ILLiad, so you try to change the password in ILLiad.  Unfortunately, the patron is still unable to logon.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

When a patron is logging in, ILLiad is looking at the Customization Manager setting for "WebAuthType."  If the WebAuthType is not ILLiad, and you are trying to change the password in ILLiad, it might not improve your results.  For example, if you are using LDAP authentication, then you would have to look at the DLL logs to see what might be happening.  In one case, I saw the person was using LDAP authentication.  When I looked at the DLL log, it showed that the user name tried to log on.  The LDAP server did not see the Username, so the log on failed.  The username existed in ILLiad.  So I gave these two options.

  1.  Either they would have to Create the Username in the LDAP server and then make sure the patron knew that password.
  2.  In the ILLiad Client, to check the "ILLiad Authentication" box and save the change.  Then the password they were saving in ILLiad would be used.
Additional information

The ILLiad Authentication box overrides LDAP authentication.  So instead of getting a message that the patron account cannot "be found" in the LDAP server, ILLiad would find the patron record and then use the password they have assigned in ILLiad.

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