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I am seeing a new status in ILLiad in the OCLC status field that says supplied

  • In the OCLC Status field in an ILLiad request is now showing new statuses.
Applies to
  • ILLiad.

Because of the changes in the ILL Statuses in Tipasa and WorldShare, ILLiad will now see new statuses in the OCLC Status field.  If you go to the ILL Statuses page, then when you get to the statuses that show Closed (Supplied), or Closed (Expired), you will see the words in Parenthesis are what ILLiad sees.  So you will see Supplied or Expired as examples.  After thirty days from when the request was completed, the request will show as "Record Not found" in the OCLC Status in ILLiad.

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