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ILLiad requests keep on changing back to Unfilled

  • ILLiad request is showing at a regular status for ILLiad such as Delivered to Web or Canceled by ILL Staff, but OCLC keeps on sending the request into the status of Awaiting Unfilled Processing.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

When you see something coming back as Unfilled, and it should not be coming back as Unfilled, it means there is an open ILL request associated with the Transaction Number on OCLC.  For example, when someone resubmits a request or moves it to Document Delivery, but never deletes the old request from OCLC, the Unfilled keeps on showing up.  So once you get the Transaction number of the Transaction,  then go to System, Search/Review statuses.  You will have a search box.  Click on the Drop-Down Box and change the ILL number to the Transaction Number and put the Transaction Number into the search box.  Then search.   Any ILL number that shows up you can open up and Delete off of OCLC.  You will not get unfilled from OCLC anymore.

Another possibility is that one site would take a request that came in as Unfilled and would route the request to Awaiting Direct Request Sending.  This does not delete the old request from OCLC.  Before routing the request to the new status, you want to go to the OCLC Request tab and delete the old ILL number first.  Then you can route it to Awaiting Direct Request Sending if you want.


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