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How can I test changes I made in the TestWeb folder when I am using EZproxy with ILLiad?

  • You want to use your TestWeb site, but you need help when using EZproxy on how to get to the TestWeb site
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are the steps you can take to be able to see the TestWeb folder when you are using an EZproxy site :

1.  You would need to add an additional stanza for ILLiad:

Title -hide ILLiad TestWeb
URL https://(your server name)/illiad/testweb/illiad.dll

2.  After you have pushed that through Production, Sign in to ILLiad as you normally do.

3.  Once you are signed in, change the Web Address and insert TestWeb into it, which should work.  For example:

https://(your server name)

4.  If that does not work, open up the Customization Manager and make sure the StaffProxyWebURL is something like:

https://(your server name)/illiad/testweb/illiad.dll

5.  Save the change.
6.  Go to the ILLiad Staff Manager and sign in.
7.  Click on your username.  
8.  Make sure under the Module Permissions, you have "Can Logon to Web as User?" checked.
9.  Save the change.
10.  Then open up the ILLiad Client.
11.  Search for your Username.
12.  When you see your patron record, Click on the "Logon to Web" icon.

You should now be in the TestWeb folder to see your changes.

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