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Converting old ILLiad print templates from .doc to .docx

  • Print templates sometimes will not open when you print after upgrading to a newer version of Word
Applies to
  • ILLiad documents that were created with Word 98

Newer versions of Word files are all .docx files, and saving your old ILLiad templates in the newer Word format fixes issues with the file opening for users.  Please follow these steps:

1.  Open up the Word Document.
2.  Save the Word document as a Word template so it will have a .docx extension.
3.  You will need to update the Key value in the Customization Manager from the .doc extension to the .docx extension.  So if the Word document was LendingLoanLabels.doc, you change the key value to LendingLoanLabels.docx.  
4.  You will want to open up the ILLiad Client again.

Additional information

ILLiad templates were created with Word 98 and have not been updated.  Saving them in the new .docx format updates the templates and allows them to work with newer versions of Word.

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