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Can our librarians work from home when we are an ILLiad OCLC Hosted site?

  • Can our librarians work from home or are they required to be on campus to use ILLiad when you are an OCLC Hosted site
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  • ILLiad

Yes, librarians can work from home.  Here is what to set up:

  1. OCLC limits ILLiad by IP address, so the librarian needs to have a VPN connection that assigns an IP address that is within the library's IP address range.
  2. If the IP address is not set up, please contact OCLC Support, and we can add the IP address to the ILLiad Hosted Firewall. 
  3. To  verify the IP address seen after connecting through VPN  is owned by the library, go to Arin Online and put the IP address on the top right search box. If the results show an Internet Service Provider and not the library, then contact library IT  and let them know that individual machines will need to be assigned an IP address within the campus ranges.
  4. The library firewall should allow access to the SQL Server on port 1433 by default and 1344 as an alternate. Also, make sure port 7968 is open for Article Electronic Delivery.
  5. A librarian wanting to work remotely with the ILLiad client and whose ILLiad server is hosted by OCLC needs either one of these two options:

  • The ability to run the ILLiad Client at their remote location. The client is installed on their local PC, but connects to a VPN server at their institution and the VPN server IP address is defined in the OCLC ILLiad firewall. Please contact OCLC Support.
  • The ability to access an ILLiad Client running at their institution that is already working and allowed through the OCLC ILLiad firewall. 
    Software for this would be something like PCAnywhere, GoToMyPC, etc.
    This process should only involve the institution’s IT staff.
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