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After upgrading to or, the lender is having issues sending Odyssey Documents to me for Docline Requests

  • When the Lender is trying to send a document, they are unable to send it through Odyssey. They see in the logs that it went out Article Exchange. This is because the information you are downloading as a Lender is incorrect.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

There was a change from the original file that came in the Docline Downloads.  Here is what you should do:

A.  Go to the ILLiad Downloads and download and replace the Docline files.  Here are the steps you need to take to do this:

1.  You save the file from the or button.
2.  Copy the file.
3.  Go to the c:\program files (xi96)\ILLIad\Docline folder.
4.  Delete all the files in the Docline folder.
5.  Paste the file you copied into the c:\program files (x86)\ILLiad folder.  It should be called
6.  Right-click on the file and click on "Extract All..."
7.  The directory you will extract to is c:\program files (xi96)\ILLIad\Docline

The files are now updated.  Restart the ILLiad Client.

B.  If you still have issues, make sure all your sites with the same Docline symbol and OCLC symbol have the IP address in the Odyssey field.

C.  If you are on a shared server, make sure all your sites have the IP address for that Docline symbol and OCLC symbol.

D.  If you still have issues, please contact OCLC Support.

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