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Known issues

This page lists known issues in the WorldShare Record Manager application. Availability dates are subject to change.

Please see the OCLC System Status Dashboard for active issues.

Current issues


issue details

Update Temporary Shelving location for LHRs

When trying to update the Temporary Shelving Location for Local Holding Records in Record Manager from a search results list the option “Change Shelving Location” in the Actions menu is grayed out and cannot be selected.

Workaround: Temporary shelving locations can be updated in WorldShare Circulation and Acquisitions, first search for LHRs you wish to update and change the temporary shelving location using the Actions menu.

Institutions with a special character in their OCLC symbol cannot create custom scripts

Libraries with special characters in their OCLC institution symbol cannot create or use custom scripts.  

Workaround: Libraries with special characters in their OCLC institution symbol should not attempt to create custom scripts until this issue is resolved and, instead, use the base scripts to apply edits to LBDs or LHRs in a record work list when completing bulk edit actions.

Diacritics or punctuation in script names
Diacritics or punctuation in script names will cause the filter to be unable to filter to that script name.

Workarounds: Users should avoid using diacritics or punctuation in script names until this issue is resolved.

Cannot delete a text or field string if the name of the string contains diacritics

If diacritics are used within the name of the text or field string, the text or field string cannot be deleted from the Toolbox.
Workaround: Do not use diacritics in text or field string names until this issue has been resolved.  

Shortcut for label printing

When you are in an LHR and attempt to use the shortcut key for label printing twice in one field, you only receive one entry on the label list.

Workaround: Click on a new field within the LHR and execute the shortcut key again.

Control a single authority heading for Canadiana names used as subjects

When you are trying to control a Canadiana name heading used as a subject in Record Manager under the Metadata tab, the option Controlled Heading / Add is disabled.


Workaround:You can control most headings by using the Control All Headings option or - if this is not possible - re-apply the heading after having copied it from the Canadiana authority file until this issue is resolved for Record Manager.

Fixed issues

Fixed issues - Table
issue fix date

Call Number Browse search is working incorrectly 

Currently, when using the Call Number Browse search in Record Manager, results are not returned as expected consistently. 

23 November 2019
Selections made for Language(s) of Cataloging and Source of Cataloging settings under Searching – Advanced within User Preferences are not applied on Advanced Search

Currently, when users go to User Preferences > Searching Advanced and update their Language of Cataloging and Source of Cataloging settings, the selections are not being applied within the Advanced Search dialog box.
23 November 2019

Title missing from display in Local Holdings Record Editor after removing a Shared Print commitment

When using Remove Shared Print Commitment from the Record drop-down menu within the LHR Editor, the title previously displayed in the LHR displays as No Title Supplied. Once the LHR is saved, the title will appear as expected.

24 August 2019

Enhance 505 Advanced Action

When you select Enhance 505 from the Advanced Action drop-down list and there is a period at the end of the field, the record does not update.

24 August 2019

Bibliographic records derived using the Derive Electronic Record action cannot be saved to Saved - In Progress files

When a bibliographic record is derived using the Derive Electronic Record action, it cannot be saved to Saved - In Progress files. The newly derived record must be added to WorldCat before the end of the session to preserve the template and any edits made.

24 August 2019

Initial articles for field 245 in Derive Electronic Record Advanced Action

The initial article from field 245 is being transferred to field 776 $t. 

24 August 2019

Shared Print Institution (sh:) and Shared Print Group (sg:) indexes out of sync after removing a Shared Print commitment with Local Holdings Record Editor

Search results returned when using the Shared Print Institution (sh:) and Shared Print Group (sg:) indexes may be out of sync after using the Remove Shared Print Commitment option in the LHR editor. 

8 July 2019
Dropdown for Location Indexes Missing in WorldShare Circulation or WorldShare Acquisitions under Local Holdings Records Search in Discover Items

When using the Location indexes under the Local Holdings Records search in Discover Items, the Branch and Shelving Location values will appear in the dropdown menu for selection in whichever module you access first and are blank in the module you access second. For example, if you access WorldShare Circulation first, you will have location values available in the dropdown menu when using the Local Holdings Records search but the locations will be blank when you try to use in WorldShare Acquisitions.
18 May 2019
Copy number does not display in list of LHRs

The 852 $t copy number no longer displays in the list of Local Holdings Records following a bibliographic record when the Working with Records>LHRs Preference setting is enabled.
18 May 2019
Delete option missing for multipart and serial titles on Details screen

When attempting to delete a multipart or serial Local Holdings Record from the Details screen after clicking View/Edit, the Delete option is missing.
18 May 2019

Libraries with multiple MARC Organization Codes receive an error when replacing authority records using Saved In-Progress

Libraries with multiple MARC Organization Codes receive an error in Record Manager when replacing authority records from the Saved - In Progress.

15 March 2019
Validation error when using Encoding Level 4 in Local Holdings Records

Following the February 17th install, an incorrect validation error, “Invalid relationship - when Encoding Level (Leader/17) is equal to 4, then $p in 852, $p in 863, $p in 864, $p in 865, $a in 866, $a in 867, $a in 868, $p in 876, $p in 877 or $p in 878 must be present” displays when attempting to validate Local Holdings Records with an Encoding Level 4 that do not have a $p present in the specified fields. This rule applies to Encoding Level 5 and should not be presented for Local Holdings Records with Encoding Level 4.  
1 March 2019

Label printing

When you make changes to your label preferences after you have made edits on an individual label on the label print list, the printed result may not match the label print list.

4 February 2019

Bibliographic records derived using the Derive Electronic Record action missing capital letters from field 245 subfield c

When a bibliographic record is derived using the Derive Electronic Record action, capital letters are removed from field 245 subfield c.

8 December 2018

Characters are missing from diacritics picker

The following characters are missing from the diacritics picker:

code unicode name common name
U+030A Combining Ring Above Circle Above Letter
U+005E Circumflex Accent Circumflex Spacing
U+0060 Grave Accent Grave Spacing
U+007B Left Curly Bracket Left Brace
U+007D Rigth Curly Bracket Right Brace
U+208D Subscript Left Parenthesis N/A
U+007E Tilde Tilde, Spacing
U+0332 Combining Low Line Underscore Non Spacing
U+005F Low Line Underscore Spacing
11 March 2018

Bibliographic constant data records not loading

Some bibliographic constant data records cannot be opened, applied, or created.

5 April 2018

Label preview and printing

  • When previewing a label, the correct label does not appear.
  • When labels are edited in preview, the labels do not print as expected.
5 April 2018


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