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WorldShare Record Manager release notes, June 2017

Release Date: June 11, 2017

LHR features

Move up to 10 LHRs to a Different WorldCat Record

This feature allows you to move up to 10 LH records attached to the same bibliographic record to another single bibliographic record. Select the Local Holdings Records you wish to move to another bibliographic record or choose “Move Selected (x)” . The maximum number of Local Holdings Records to move is 10:

After clicking on the “Move LHRs” button the below dialog opens: you can either enter an existing OCLC number or search for the bibliographic record you want to move the selected Local Holdings Records to.

Once the LHRs have been moved successfully you’ll see a success message and the OCLC number of the new bibliographic record displays as a clickable link that takes you to the new record:

Editing Improvements

Enhanced Diacritics Picker

The diacritics picker has been significantly enhanced. It offers many additional characters compared to the previous version and allows for filtering by category, diacritics name, language and Unicode number.

When the user filters on one of these criteria, only the matching characters are shown:

Holdings information panel

For each bibliographic record, the indication of how many libraries own it shows up as a clickable link now in both the bibliographic search result list, and the full record display within the MARC 21 editor. This helps you be able to know which libraries have holdings on a given bib record, helping with decisions about whether it is the "correct" record for something you have in hand.

The link, as it appears in the bibliographic search result list:

Clicking the link takes you to a list of all libraries that hold this specific title, separated by “All WorldCat Holdings”, “Holdings in My Region” and “Holdings in my State”. By clicking on the little arrows in the “Symbol” or “Library” tabs, you can reverse the sorting of the table.

Other Improvements

Gateway Export Functionality

Libraries that use TCP/IP export to local systems that support status messages will now see these messages displayed in Record Manager.

Labels for fields in search box

The fields for basic and expert searching in the lefthand sidebar have labels, to improve clarity of their purpose, and help with support and documentation.

New layout for bulk holdings operations

The Bulk Actions area that allows you to set or delete holdings for a list of WorldCat records has a new layout:

Type or copy in a list of OCLC numbers, then select an action from the dropdown and click on “Apply Action”.

Known issues

Advanced Actions temporarily not working

When selecting any of the “Advanced Actions” in the MARC 21 record editor, errors will appear. This problem already has a fix that we are scheduling at a point in the near future. The fix will be announced via the Community Center.

Important links

Product website

More product information can be found on the WorldShare Metadata Services Web site.

Support website(s)

Support information for this product and related products can be found at:


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