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WorldShare Collection Manager release notes, December 2018

Release Date: 01 December 2018


The Collection Manager 01 December 2018 release includes enhancements to:

  • Ability to optionally filter collection search results based on Google Scholar settings
  • Minor UI changes to bring clarity and consistency with other WorldShare applications

Other installs over the course of the last month have resulted in additional enhancements:

  • Ability to output Local Holdings Records with the MARCXML format
  • Ability to add a privacy notice for staff and patrons

Finally, an additional install on 06 December 2018 for My Files will provide the following enhancement:

  • Ability to hide files that have previously been downloaded


Option to filter by Google Scholar settings

When viewing search results for collections, users can now filter search results based on whether Google Scholar is enabled for a collection. Additionally, the Google Scholar setting will now appear in the collection attributes.


User Interface changes

To provide clarity and consistency for users of both Collection Manager and WorldShare Record Manager, we have made some small changes in the user interface:

  • “Settings” has now been re-labeled “Institution Settings,” to better distinguish between those options available for all users across the institution vs. “User Preferences” in Record Manager, which are options available at the individual user level. For users of both applications, this has occasionally caused some confusion in the past.
  • “Standard,” referring to the record delivery format, has been re-labeled “Format,” to be consistent with Record Manager terminology. This setting can be found in Institution Settings > MARC Records > Record Delivery.

Ability to output LHRs in MARCXML format

The WorldShare Collection Manager team released a small enhancement on 28 October 2018 that allows users to receive Local Holdings Records in MARCXML format. Previously, LHR output was only available for MARC21 formats.

Ability to add a privacy notice for staff and patrons

Institution administrators can now request OCLC to add an institution-defined privacy notice to the staff and patron login step for many OCLC services including Collection Manager.

If you add a privacy notice, it will be displayed after the staff or patron is presented with their login screen. The number of times the privacy notice is displayed is based on the timeframe configured for the institution.

To request the addition of a privacy notice for your institution, please contact OCLC Support.

To illustrate an example, below are three screenshots that show the sequence for displaying the privacy notice. Once you login (first screenshot) you are presented with the privacy notice (second screenshot). Once you click on ‘Continue’ or If ‘Continue’ is not selected after 40 seconds have passed, then you progress to your application (third screenshot).




Ability to hide files previously downloaded

An install scheduled for 06 December 2018 will allow My Files users to hide files that they have previously downloaded, thus improving efficiencies for locating those files that still need attention.


Bug fixes

Default settings are now working as expected

A bug has been resolved that previously presented an unexpected holdings setting at the collection level. Reported by a user in October, it was discovered that when selecting a collection in the WorldCat knowledge base, the setting to Maintain WorldCat Holdings was not working as expected. The default setting to “Use Institution Setting” was not being honored. Instead, after collection selection, the setting was being modified to “Disable for this collection.” This required the user to wait until the collection had completed the re-indexing process to change the setting to enable holdings to be set in WorldCat. This issue has been resolved and the default setting is now being honored.

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