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WorldShare Collection Manager release notes, March 2017

Release Date: March 18, 2017


The Collection Manager March 2017 release continues efforts to improve the user interface with some much-requested enhancements. Additionally, WorldCat knowledge base users will now be able to edit OCLC number groupings, which will result in more accurate linking when using WorldCat Discovery. With the introduction of isolated collections, users will have more granularity when configuring output options. Finally, a number of bug fixes improve the overall user experience in a number of ways. Read on to learn more!

New features and enhancements

Edit Grouped OCNs for any WorldCat knowledge base title

Users of the WorldCat knowledge base will now have more control over grouped OCNs for a title. Users can add/update/delete OCLC numbers within the group, which will allow for more accurate linking in WorldCat Discovery.

Using a matching process, the knowledge base finds associated WorldCat records and stores these in the grouped OCNs list for each knowledge base title in Collection Manager. These are intended to encourage the use of e-resources in WorldCat Discovery by surfacing the link to the full text on related records of other formats. Previously, the OCNs in a title's grouping have been determined only by our matching process, but with this enhancement it is now possible for libraries to add, edit or delete any OCLC number that is represented in a knowledge base title's grouped OCN list. If the knowledge base collection is customizable then the grouped OCNs can be edited locally and/or the changes can be pushed to the global data using cooperative management. If the knowledge base collection you're working in is non-customizable then the changes you make can only be submitted to global data using cooperative management.

Close All Tabs

Users can now quickly close all open tabs for a more streamlined workflow.

Clear Search box

Users now have the option to clear the search box with a single click, resulting in a more efficient workflow.

Redesigned Search Results page

The collection search results page has been redesigned for more efficient workflows. Now users will see more information gathered all in one place.

  1. Collection ID has been added to the Collection column.
  2. New Type/Attribute column includes relevant information about the collection, including link to license in License Manager, when available.
  3. Provider column now includes Account number for cataloging partner collections.
  4. Updated column now reflects the more useful Updated date, instead of the previous Creation date.
  5. “Shared” and “Shared by” columns have been combined into a single Sharing column, saving valuable desktop space.
  6. Collection, Provider, and Updated columns are now sortable.

Isolated Collections

Collection Manager will now offer users the ability to isolate a knowledge base or query collection (or a group of collections) from activity in other collections. What does this mean?

  1. Isolating each knowledge base collection allows users to receive a separate record for each title in a collection, with only the URL for the isolated collection in each record, when users have overlapping titles in multiple knowledge base collections. This is an enhancement that has been requested based on some users’ ILS requirements. (Current behavior delivers multiple URLs in a single record.)
  2. For consortia and groups, multiple query collections set up to represent holdings for each institution within the consortia can be isolated so that when a single library deletes or adds a holding in WorldCat, a Delete or New record will be delivered based only on the activity of that collection. (Current behavior delivers a Delete only when a holding is removed from the last library in the group; otherwise an update record is delivered with no clear acknowledgement of the deleted holding.)

A single collection can be isolated by giving it a separate filename and then checking the box to “Isolate this file output from other collection activity.” These settings are at the collection level in the MARC Records accordion under Record Delivery settings. Multiple collections may be isolated as a group by giving those collections the same output filename.

Note: This option is not applicable to WorldCat Updates, cataloging partner or data sync collections. Current behavior will remain unchanged by simply ignoring the new option.

Bug fixes

Collection Manager now supports Internet Explorer 11 web browser

In this release, Collection Manager has resolved several bugs that previously prevented complete IE 11 compatibility.

Bad result counts for query collections

The option to Save and Confirm Later has been removed due to its obsolescence. Previously, if a user chose to Save and Confirm Later during the creation of a query collection, an error occurred. This option was a holdover from a previous workflow that did not allow for immediate confirmation of query collection results.

Filename not retained when creating query collections

This issue has been resolved; filenames are now saved appropriately. Previously, when creating a separate filename for a query collection, under some circumstances the filename was not retained upon saving the changes.

Filter by MARC record delivery inaccurate for cataloging partner collections

Results should now be correct. Previously, when filtering collection search results by MARC record delivery enabled/disabled, the results were inaccurate for cataloging partner collections.

Known issues

A list of known issues can be found at: https://.../WorldShare_Collection_Manager/Release_notes/Known_issues

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