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WorldShare Collection Manager release notes, June 2017

Release Date: June 18, 2017


The Collection Manager June release includes enhancements to custom text notes that will make it easier to associate notes with specific MARC fields and sub-fields. Additionally, users will now be able to include custom text notes in their WorldCat knowledge base collection 856 fields.

This release also includes functionality to support multiple URLs for a single OCLC number within a collection, and better integration with WorldShare License Manager.


Unlimited custom text fields with custom labels

Collection Manager previously supported only 5 custom text fields per collection, and the custom text labels were generic: Custom Text 1, Custom Text 2, etc. Additionally, these generic labels were used across all collections, so users often discovered the need for additional notes.

With the June release, users have the ability to create any number of custom text notes, with the added benefit of creating custom labels. And because they’re unlimited in number, users can create as many custom text fields per collection as needed.

Users can define custom text labels at both the collection level and in the MARC customization interface. Users can see at a glance if a custom text note is actively being used in a collection and, if mapped, to which tag and sub-field it has been mapped.

Users can easily identify which labels map to what fields, without the need for spreadsheets or cheat sheets.

Custom text notes for WorldCat knowledge base collection 856 fields

The new functionality for custom text notes is also available for use in the customization of knowledge base collection 856 fields.

License Manager integration

Users of License Manager have the option to add a license to a collection from the Collection Manager search results page. The Collection Manager search results display now includes a link to existing licenses in License Manager.

Expansion of “Reason for Update”

Previously, users could opt to include the “Reason for Updated Record” in their MARC output, in the field and sub-field of their choice. Users find this option useful when investigating why a specific record has been delivered. This option has been expanded to New and Delete records and has been renamed “Reason for Record Output” to encompass the feature’s larger role.

Option to output LBD as interleaved metadata

Users have had the option to embed Local Bibliographic Data in their MARC output for some time now. With the June install, Collection Manager now offers users an additional option to include the LBD as interleaved data. This enhancement is useful for those users who need to determine which metadata is local and which is coming from the WorldCat master bibliographic record.

Support for multi-volume sets with the same OCLC number within a knowledge base collection

Collection Manager now supports delivery of multiple URLs in the MARC output for multi-volume sets within a single collection, when the volumes all refer to the same OCLC number. Previously, Collection Manager assumed a one to one relationship between URL and OCLC number, which prevented delivery of more than a single URL.

OCLC Cataloged collections

Several knowledge base providers have an agreement with OCLC’s Contract Cataloging to provide MARC records to our mutual users. Collection Manager now includes an attribute that indicates which collections are included in such an agreement. The collections display as “OCLC Cataloged” in the attributes column of the search results.

Additionally, a new filter has been added for these OCLC Cataloged Collections, for easier identification:

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