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How do I add OCLC numbers to titles missing OCLC numbers?

OCLC numbers can be added to any title contained in a customizable knowledge base collection. You can add OCLC numbers using one of the following methods. Using either of the first two methods will effect only your library’s collections, while reporting missing OCLC numbers to the knowledge base team ensures that they will be added to the global knowledge base collections and will be available for use by any member library.

Reporting OCLC numbers to the knowledge base team is the best method for those wishing to improve the experience of all member libraries that use knowledge base collections.

a. One-by-one in the WorldShare interface

To add OCLC numbers to individual titles, locate the title in the knowledge base and click the pencil icon beside its name. A menu will open that gives you the ability to edit title-level details. Located in this menu is the field "Override OCN." Add the new OCLC number here and click "Save." A record will then automatically be output for the title on the next weekday or later, depending on what you have chosen for the timing of record delivery.

b. In bulk via a file upload

To add OCLC numbers in bulk using file upload/download:

  1. Navigate to the collection where you wish to add new OCLC numbers. Open the collection and expand the Titles accordion. Use the More Actions drop-down list and choose Download Selected to download a KBART-formatted title list for the collection.
  2. Open the title list in a spreadsheet application. Apply a filter to all columns and proceed to filter to blank/empty on the column "oclc_number." The resulting titles will be those in the collection that lack OCLC numbers.
  3. Isolate the filtered titles and create a new title list from this set.
  4. Add OCLC numbers to the titles, and the word "OVERLAY" to each corresponding ACTION column entry. The "OVERLAY" action tells the knowledge base system that one or more pieces of title level metadata have been altered, and instructs the system to modify the corresponding title entry accordingly.
  5. Save the filtered title list as a tab-delimited text file and re-upload it to the collection. Records will then automatically be output for the new OCLC numbers/modified titles on the next weekday or later, depending on what you have chosen for the timing of record delivery.

Find detailed instructions on the page Modify a collection to select your subset of titles.

Note: Using the "OVERLAY" action to modify title-level metadata also prevents any changes made to the global knowledge base collection from being applied to the fields you altered. When OCLC updates the collection with new data from the provider, any field that had been modified using the "OVERLAY" action will be excluded from these updates. Exercise caution when modifying fields with the "OVERLAY" action. Inadvertent changes to fields other than the OCLC number column will be removed from any future global knowledge base updates.

c. By reporting the missing OCLC numbers to the knowledge base team

To have OCLC numbers added to a global collection by the knowledge base team:

  1. Complete the OCLC number correction form with as much detail as possible for each title.
  2. Submit the form to OCLC Support as a support ticket and indicate that you would like the knowledge base team to add the OCLC numbers to the titles you included in the form.
  3. The knowledge base team will review and schedule the addition of these OCLC numbers in 1-3 months.