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Assistance OCLC

Maintain your knowledge base collections

Find everything you need for KBART formatting. See how to use the Activity History, report errant OCLC numbers, and request link schemes to maintain your knowledge base collections in Collection Manager.
  • About the Activity History in Collection Manager
    View reports about activity regarding your knowledge base collection in Collection Manager in the Activity History.
  • About upload and download locations and knowledge base collections
    Find instructions to upload and download collection files and a table that gives an overview of upload and download locations across Collection Manager.
  • KBART values and formatting
    Find information about data formatting, entering coverage information, and using KBART files to create collections and modify title data.
  • Link scheme values and overrides
    The link scheme value instructs the WorldCat knowledge base how to create articles links for a particular record or set of records. Libraries can override the link scheme value on a per title basis.
  • Report errant OCLC numbers and broken links
    All members have the opportunity to improve the knowledge base by reporting missing or errant OCLC numbers. Reported corrections are included in global knowledge base updates to the collections for which they are reported, allowing all members to benefit from these submissions.
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