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How to approve or deny cooperative changes

Cooperative management functionality allows you to approve or deny the WorldCat knowledge base data updates proposed by other libraries. See how to approve or deny potential changes.

Voir les collections avec mises à jour de données

View a list of collections

To see the list of collections in your holdings that are awaiting a decision for the KB Data Update, navigate to Collection Manager and click the Approve Changes to Global Collections button. Once you have approved or denied the changes to a collection, or the collection has timed out of the approval process, it will no long appear in the list.

Approuver les modifications apportées aux collections de la base de connaissances globale

View individual collections

To access individual collections awaiting a decision:

  1. Click the Activity History button and filter by Approve Changes to Global Collections.
  2. Search for the collection.
    Tip: Enter an asterisk (*) after a search term to view items that begin with that term. For example: hathi*


  1. Navigate to a collection and open it.
  2. Expand the collection's History accordion and filter by Approve Changes to Global Collections.

Réviser les collections avec mises à jour de données

From the list of collections filtered by Approve Changes to Global Collections:

Click Review & Decide to access the list of detailed title changes for the collection. Alternatively, click Download Detailed Report to view the changes in a text file or open them in a spreadsheet application (such as Microsoft Excel or Apache OpenOffice Calc).

Fenêtre Historique des activités

After you click Review & Decide, you will again have the option to select Download Detailed Report.

Télécharger le rapport détaillé

Voir des informations détaillées concernant les mises à jour de données

After you click Review & Decide, you will be on the History: KB Data Update screen for the collection update. You will see New, Updates, and Deletes accordions::

  • Each accordion lists Record and Details for each title added to or deleted from the collection
  • For titles a library has updated, the Updates accordion also lists New and Old values so that you can better understand what is changing about the data

Menus déroulants Nouveaux, Mis à jour et Supprimés

Approuver/Refuser les modifications


Après avoir examiné les informations, vous pouvez décider d'approuver ou de refuser les modifications.

Approuver/Refuser les modifications


Une fois que vous aurez cliqué sur Approuver ou Refuser, vous verrez une fenêtre dans laquelle vous serez invité à laisser un commentaire concernant votre choix. Les commentaires sont les bienvenus tout en étant facultatifs.

Fenêtre de commentaires


Once you click Save, your comment, if you chose to include one, your name, institution, and decision will be saved to the Reviews accordion and your vote to approve or deny will be saved and tallied.

You also have the option of clicking Discuss in the Reviews accordion. The link will take you to the Collection Manager discussion forum (sign in required) to discuss data changes with other members of the community.

Menu Révisions

Retention of cooperative changes

Detailed changes are kept for 90 days and are available to be downloaded for review. After 90 days, the history will still show the update event, but the title-level details will no longer be available.

Envoyer vos commentaires à OCLC

We encourage you to discuss the features and functions of the knowledge base cooperative data management:

  • In the OCLC Community Center. If you have feedback or question for OCLC, post your comments in the Collection Manager discussion forum (sign in required), or
  • Send your comments to OCLC Support. We welcome any suggestions for improving or enhancing cooperative features for greater utility by our community in future releases