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How do we change our harvest URL inside the Digital Collection Gateway?

Applies to
  • Digital Collection Gateway
  1. Inside Digital Collection Gateway navigate to the manage accounts tab
  2. Inactivate all your collections. Select each collection one by one and click Inactivate Selected. If they are not assigned to the username you are logged in as you will need to re-assign them to your username by clicking "Assign Selected" first. 
  3. Now switch to the Home tab. (see warning below for additional information)
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Inactive Collections.
  5. Click Delete WorldCat Records for each of the inactive collections.  You will need to confirm deletion each time.
  6. Go to Manage Account > Keys and Repositories
    • Click on the Key
    • Add new repository
  7. Contact OCLC Support to remove the original repository. 
Additional information


If you switch back to the manage account tab before completing the deletions in the home tab Digital Collection Gateway will reactivate collections when the manage account tab is repopulated.

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