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Advanced search link color

 Note:  This issue was corrected in the April 2018 release of CONTENTdm.  This customization may no longer be necessary in most cases.

When you change the colors in the CONTENTdm responsive website using the options in the Website Configuration Tool, the Advanced Search link does not change in the way most people would like it to. This is due to some conflicting settings for hyperlinks vs. buttons in the Website Configuration Tool.

Fortunately, this problem is quite easy to work around using some simple CSS rules. The Advanced Search text link in the header can be uniquely styled as follows:

a:visited.headerIcon {
    color: #2178b5;
a:hover.headerIcon,a:active.headerIcon {
    color: #fff;
    background-color: #2178b5;

The color choices above are based on the default CONTENTdm responsive website. In this case, thea.hover.headerIcon have been set so that the foreground and background colors are flipped. This creates a visible mouseover effect, which matches the behavior of the search icon in the header.

Alternately, you can use these same two CSS stanzas to change the colors and mouseover behavior of the ‘Advanced Search’ link to match your other header color customizations.


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