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OCLC Support

Customizations support policy

OCLC supports configurations made using the Website Configuration Tool. Custom development work (including but not limited to custom scripts, CSS, pages, viewers, or work done using the API) is not officially supported by OCLC. OCLC Support staff will make an effort to answer questions, but support assistance is limited and at the discretion of OCLC.

Custom files are stored in a separate location in the CONTENTdm file structure. They will not be overwritten or modified when CONTENTdm is updated. You should verify that your customizations continue to work as you expect after any CONTENTdm update is applied. We have designed the CSS class names and JavaScript event categories to be persistent and unchanging. If you follow the guidelines detailed in these help files, your customizations should generally be stable and update-proof.

Backwards-compatibility of the API and class or script variables is important, but sometimes changes cannot be avoided. OCLC reserves the right to change the API and class or variable naming at any time and cannot guarantee that code or changes you've made will work with future versions of CONTENTdm.