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WorldShare Reports release notes, April 2018

Release Date: April 6, 2018


Review these sections to see the new features, enhancements, and bug fixes for this release:

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New features and enhancements

Relative Dates - Monthly Circulation Statistics Report

WorldShare Reports and Report Designer now provides users the ability to enter relative dates in the Monthly Circulation Statistics Report. For example, users will be able to enter “30 Days Ago” instead of hardcoding date values. Users will still be able to manually enter the Begin or End Date in YYYY-MM-DD format if they wish.

This feature will also be available in report scheduling. This makes it possible to schedule the Monthly Circulation Statistics Report based on a relative date (e.g., 30 Days Ago etc.) so that date inputs don’t need to be modified for every scheduled run of the report.


Report Designer: Group All Checked Out Items Report

Report Designer customers who are utilizing the WMS Group reporting functionality now have access to the Group All Checked Out Items Report.

For WMS Groups only, this report shows items owned by one institution in the group which are checked out by patrons from a different institution in the group.

Australian and European Data Centres: Circulation Events no longer have additional time lag

Prior to this Release, Circulation Events were captured at midnight EST for the following day’s reports, resulting in a time lag in loading this data for these two data centres. Depending on time zone variation (e.g., daylight savings), circulation events data will be as of the end of the previous calendar day local data center time. This change will take effect Tuesday, 10 April 2018.

Item Materials Specified object 876 $3

Report Designer customers and users of the Item Inventories report can now see ‘materials specified’ information from the 876-878 $3. In Report Designer, this information is available in the new LHR Item Materials Specified object.


Acquisitions Universe: Arrival Date Object

A new “Arrival Date” object has been added to the Acquisitions Universe. Libraries can now track the physical arrival of an item separately from other Acquisitions dates.

Previously, libraries could track the Date Received of an item. The system automatically set the Date Received when an item was received either from the Receive and Invoice screen or by marking it as received in the order item search. However, libraries could not track the date the item arrived in the library. Now, users can track both. For more information regarding Arrival Date workflows in Acquisitions, please see the documentation here.


Reporting updates

FTP Files

FTP – All Item Inventory Report

Starting on 8 April 2018, a new version of the FTP Item Inventory report will be created. The new Item Inventory Report will be delivered to the user’s OCLC FTP location weekly on Sunday. 

The following fields will be added to the new Item Inventory report file: 

  • Item Enumeration and Chronology
  • Publication Date
  • Item Soft Issued Count
  • Item Soft Issued Count YTD
  • LHR Date Entered on File
  • LHR Item Acquired Date
  • Language Code 

The new item inventory report will continue to be a pipe delimited .txt file and will continue to display only items with barcodes in WorldShare Circulation. 

To allow for migration to the updated report, the new Item Inventory report uses a new naming convention:
<OCLC Symbol>.Circulation_Item_Inventories.yyyymmdd.txt. 

The existing Item Inventory report will continue to run concurrently with the new report, allowing users time to migrate. OCLC will announce the end date of the original Item Inventory report well in advance to allow libraries to complete the transition. 

Circulation Add/Delete Report

Starting on 6 April  2018, the Circulation Add/Delete report will be accessible as a WorldShare Report. Prior to this release, this report was provided at the user’s OCLC FTP location. 

Turning the Add/Delete report into a WorldShare Report allows the report to be run on-demand in Analytics. It also allows scheduling of the report on a specific cadence (the current report is delivered weekly). 

The name of this new report is Circulation Add-Delete Report and is located in the Circulation Reports folder in WorldShare.

The legacy FTP report will continue to run concurrently on a weekly basis. OCLC will notify users well in advance of the FTP report’s end date, allowing plenty of time for transitioning to the new report. 

The new report contains the same data as the current version, which displays items added or deleted in the last seven days. However, there are logic updates based on two fields: 

  • Deleted Items will be identified by the Circulation Item Deleted Date. This means that only items with a status of “Withdrawn” will be counted as a deleted item. Because of this, users may want to review their Deleted Items settings in OCLC Service Configuration>WMS Circulation> Admin/General> Deleted Items:
  • A short retention period may result in items being purged before they appear as deleted on the Circulation Add-Delete Report. 
  • New Items are identified by the LHR Date Entered on File being within 7 days of the report run time. 
  • Report Designer Customers may optionally modify this report to increase the time span for items displaying in this report.

Bug fixes

Open Encumbrances Report- Errant encumbrances

For Acquisitions order items that consist of multiple copies, the Open Encumbrances Report may have displayed an encumbrance for the order item even after all copies have been invoiced and paid. After this release, the Open Encumbrances Report will only calculate and display legitimate encumbrances. This may also correct any custom reports that rely on the Budget Transaction Type of ‘Encumbered’.

Holds List Report- Performance

Libraries may have experienced performance issues when executing the Holds List Report. The report may have run for a long period of time or simply timed out. After this release, this report should perform as expected. 

LHR Item Detail Universe- LHR Item Textual Holdings display as N/A

LHR Item Textual Holdings were sometimes displayed as N/A in the LHR Item Detail universe when valid 866-868 $a data was available. Specifically, if the 866-868 field is linked to an 876-878 field that includes a $p (LHR Item Barcode). After this release, N/A will be replaced by the appropriate data. 

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