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WorldShare Reports release notes, June 2018

Release Date: June 19, 2018


Review these sections to see the new features, enhancements, and bug fixes for this release:

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New features and enhancements

Report Designer time out extension

The time out in Report Designer has been extended from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. This will allow users more time to author queries and save them to their repository without being timed out of their session too quickly.

French translation

WorldShare Reports and Report Designer interfaces and standard and custom reports are now available in French.

The user will select Français in the WorldShare interface:

WorldShare Language flyout menu

The list of reports in WorldShare will be translated, as will report headers, criteria, and columns. When the user navigates to Report Launch Pad to query a universe, field names and definitions will be translated to the French language.

French language in WorldShare Reports interface

Report in French


Reporting updates

Support for non-Latin bibliographic data

Effective 21 June 2018, Non-Latin bibliographic data stored in WorldCat 880 fields will display in Cataloging Reports and Reports created in Report Designer using the Cataloging universe or LHR Item Detail universe. Prior to this release, bibliographic fields containing multibyte characters in non-Latin scripts would result in <>. appearing in reports.

Report without non-Latin bibliographic data

Report with non-Latin bibliographic data

Acquisitions - Custom Order and Invoice fields

The Acquisitions Universe now contains objects for Order Item and Invoice Item custom fields. Order Items and Invoice Items each contain 20 Custom Field Label objects and 20 Custom Field Value objects to utilize in reporting.

Please see Custom fields for more details on the usage of custom fields in Acquisitions.

Invoice Item Custom Field Labels and Values in Report Designer

Order Item Custom Field Labels and Values in Report Designer

Each Field Name corresponds with an Analytics Field ID. The Field Name will appear in the Item Custom Field Label for the corresponding Analytics Field ID.

Analytics field ID

Option names will appear in the Custom Field Value object of the corresponding Analytics Field ID. 

Option names for Custom Field Value

Circulation Item Inventory Report - Empty values

After this release, zero-date or empty fields in the Circulation Item Inventories file, previously represented by a 0001-01-01 date or “N/A”, will now be empty strings. Additionally, all values containing a pipe “|” character will be escaped to “^” to maintain the pipe “|” delimiter for the file.

Bug fixes

Acquisitions staff and vendor notes on renewed subscription items

When running a report in the Acquisitions universe the Staff Order Item and Vendor Order Item notes fields will now populate for all renewed subscription items if “This order item and all prior and subsequent renewals” is selected. Prior to the release, the Staff Order Item and Vendor Order Item notes fields were only populated on one subscription item for subscription item renewals.

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