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WorldShare Circulation release notes, January 2017

Release Date: January 29, 2017


This release of WorldShare Management Services provides two new features in addition to numerous bug fixes. The new features are the direct result of user feedback.

Recommended actions

For this release, we recommend that you review the following checklists and complete the relevant tasks so that you can adjust your policies and workflows and train your staff. These checklists identify updates that we have determined as significant for most institutions. We encourage you to review all of the items in the release notes to determine whether there are other items that might require additional action or follow up by your institution.

Administrative actions

These items require immediate action or decisions.


Determine whether your library wants to utilize the room schedule feature and contact your regional support office to have the feature activated for your library. Once activated configure rooms and notification policies in Service Configuration.

Determine whether your library wants to utilize automatic due date receipt notification and configure notification policies in Service Configuration.

If you utilize printed notifications download and install a new version of the printed notification tool.

New Features

Staff Room Scheduling

Are you still booking your library’s study, conference and computer rooms with paper and pencil? New staff room scheduling functionality will be available in the Circulation application with the January install. It will enable you and all your library staff to conveniently make room reservations online and from anywhere in the library or even outside the library.

Through the Circulation application you’ll be able to facilitate room reservations, view reserved rooms by day or by week or in a list view, plus have automatic email notifications sent. The new staff room scheduling is not designed for event or program management and does not support the functionality to: edit existing room reservations, setup recurring meetings, enable patrons to reserve rooms themselves or show scheduled room event/meetings in patron account.

Activate Room Scheduling functionality

This is an optional feature that must be activated for your library before it will show up in the Circulation application.

To request that Room Scheduling be activated for your library contact your regional support office. In the body of the email requesting the activation please include the following information:

  • Activate room scheduling
  • OCLC Symbol
  • Name/Title of person requesting that Room Scheduling be activated

You will receive an email when it has been accomplished.

Set up Room Scheduling

Once Room Scheduling has been activated you will need to create the rooms you would like to schedule and set up the patron notifications in Service Configuration.

Create rooms

To create a room in Service Configuration, go to WMS Circulation > Room Configuration > Create New Room

Description of fields available to describe a room

  • Room Name (Required) – Name of the room (up to 100 characters)
  • Branch (Required) – Branch location of the room (up to 5 characters)
  • Location – Location of the room in your institution (e.g., first floor, 2nd level) (up to 100 characters)
  • Capacity - The number of people who can use the room at one time (up to 2,500 characters)
  • Equipment – Any equipment that comes with the room (up to 2,000 characters)
  • Note – Any additional notes
  • Picture URL – A photo of the room. Enter the URL of the image.
  • Pre-Schedule Setup Period – A period of time between all events scheduled in this room in order to allow for room set up. During this time, the room cannot be reserved. For example, if you enter 30 minutes and create an event that starts at 10:00 am, any event created before this event could only be booked up to 9:30 am.
  • Post-Schedule Inspection Period – A period of time between all events scheduled in this room in order to allow inspection and clean-up of the room. During this time, the room cannot be reserved. For example, if you enter 60 minutes, and you create an event that goes until 10:00am, if you wanted to create another event directly after, it would have to begin at 11:00 am.

Create Room Scheduling Notifications

There are three types of notifications that can be created for Room Scheduling:

  • Room Schedule Placed Notification – Sent to confirm that an event/meeting has been successfully scheduled.
  • Room Schedule Expiry Notification – Sent when a scheduled event/meeting has been cancelled.
  • Room Schedule Reminder Notification – Sent to remind the patron of an upcoming scheduled event/meeting.

Setting up notifications for Room Scheduling is a two-step process.

1. To create the notifications in Service Configuration, go to WMS CIRC > Notification Policies > Create New Policy

2. To identify which of the room schedule notifications should be sent go to WMS CIRC > Admin/General > Additional Patron Notifications

View Room Scheduling feature in the Circulation Application

If activated for your library the Room Scheduling feature will display in the left-hand navigation bar.

Browse Rooms

To browse the profiled rooms, click on the Browser Rooms buttons. A list of the profiled rooms will display. To limit the list to a specific Branch location, select the branch name from the drop-down list.

View Details of a Room

To view details on a specific room or to schedule a meeting/event for that room select the room name. Details on the room will display and the calendar for the room will display below the details. The default calendar display is the weekly view.

The calendar can also be displayed in a daily view and a list view of all future events/meetings that are scheduled for that room.

List View

Create new Event/Meeting

To create a new event, click in the calendar on the day/time required or select Create Event in the list view for the room and complete the New Event form.

After saving the New Event work form the event will display in the calendar for the room. If a pre or post setup/inspection period has been defined, the time associated with the setup/inspection period will display as a shaded area on the calendar.

Delete a previously created event/meeting

To delete a scheduled event/meeting, simply click on the red minus button.

Due Date Receipt Notification

You can now optionally send an automatic due date receipt notification to patrons for items that they have checked out, renewed (including automatic renewals) or the due date has been manually updated. Once set up, at the top of the hour the system will review all check-outs and renewals that have taken place since the last time and will send a due date receipt notification to all patrons that have email addresses in their patron record. Default is to not send due date receipt notifications.

The item details included on the due date receipt notification are based on the item details included on the due date receipt and will include any due date receipt customizations defined by the library.

Setting up the Automatic Due Date Receipt Notification feature is a two-step process.

1. Go to Service Configuration and create a new Notification Policy with a type of ‘Automatic Due Date Receipt Notification’. Click save.

2. Go to Admin/General > Additional Patron Notifications and select the new Notification from the drop-down box and save.

The new feature is now active and all patrons with an email address in their patron record will receive a due date receipt notification.


WMS Circulations API Updates

OCLC will be installing an update to the WMS Circulation API on January 29, 2017. This update includes several bug fixes and new features for the Pull list. The bugs and enhancements to this API are changes which have been reported or requested by the developer community. Details on what is included can be found at:

It should be noted that the updates will require that libraries that use printed notifications will need to download a new version of the Printed Notification tool. The updated version of the tool can be downloaded from:

Bug fixes

Scheduled items checked out early to patron do not fulfill the schedule request

A scheduled item that is on the pull list but is not yet in the embargo period can be checked out to the patron but does not fulfill the schedule request resulting in a recall notice being sent to the patron.

Scheduled items checked out to the patron in either the pull list or embargo periods will fulfill the schedule request.

When creating a new Notification Policy, the first notification is reset to send after the event when a new notification is added

When creating a new Notification Policy when a library staff sets the first notification to be sent before the event and then hits the plus button to add a second notification to the policy the first notification is automatically reset to send after the event.

When the first notification in a new notification policy is change to send before the event and a second notification is added the first notification is no longer reset and is still set to send before the event.

Accruing charges not included when calculating the outstanding bill value for a patron placing a hold request

When library staff choose to include accruing charges when calculating the outstanding bill value for patron it is not being applied when a patron places a hold request.

Accruing charges are now being used when calculating the outstanding bill value for hold requests as well as when the patron check out an item.

Check in date/time displays in wrong time zone on the check-in notifications for some libraries

Check in date/time displayed in wrong time zone on the check-in notification for some libraries even though the correct date/time was recorded in the system. The printed check in receipts displayed the local time zone.

Check in date/time now displays in the local time zone for libraries using the check-in notifications.

Intermittent problem with some items that are deleted in WorldCat continue to show as available in Circulation

Intermittently some item(LHRs) deleted in WorldCat are continuing to show as available in Circulation.

Items (LHRs) deleted in WorldCat will show as withdrawn in Circulation until the item is purged from the library’s collection based on the timing specified by the library.

Patron search when placing a hold request returns no results

When placing a hold request from an item record if library staff uses the key to initiate a patron name search will result in no data being returned. Patron name searches initiated using the mouse to select the Find button successfully return results.

Patron name searches initiated using the key or the Find button will return results.

Known issues

No new known issues.

Important links

Post release sessions

No post release session is scheduled at this time.

Support website(s)

Support information for this product and related products can be found at:

Next release

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