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Mobile best practices for third-party IDPs with the Digby app

To work well with Digby, your library's login pages should follow a few best practices. Below are a few things you should make sure your login pages conform to for the best user experience.

  • Set the viewport appropriately for mobile:

    <meta name="viewport"  content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
  • Set the following attributes for the username input field:

    <input type="text"  name="username"  id="username"  autocapitalize="off"  autocomplete="off"  spellcheck="false"  autocorrect="off" />


    If Digby finds a username input field with id or name of "username" on a page that has a password field (type, name, or id is equal to "password"), it will apply these attributes automatically.

    The input field should also be blurred ( .blur() ) to ensure the browser is forced to select it.
  • Digby will overlay a close-box (X) in the upper right-hand corner so that a user can escape out of the login flow if necessary.
  • Self-signed certificates ARE NOT supported for https flows. You must use real certificates.
  • The user interface should be as clean as possible with no links out to other pages; preferably there should be just username, password, and a submit button. Lost password links, etc. should only be provided on desktop versions of the login portal.
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