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CH HTML- Managing Approval Plans


After setting up your Approval Plan with your Vendor / Supplier, follow these steps to receive Approval Plan items

Create the Approval Plan in WMS Acquisitions

  • From the left panel, click Orders
    • Click Orders and then click New Order

    • Type an order name and select the order type Approval Plan from the dropdown list

    • Type the vendor name. As you type the first few letters, vendors beginning with those letters will display in a drop-down list. Select the vendor.

    • Click Save

Add items to the approval plan

  • Go to WMS Acquisitions and select Discover Items to search for a record in WorldCat.
    • Click the Add to dropdown from the search results screen and select order
      • On the Add item to Order screen.
        • Check that the Acquisitions type is set to One-Time

        • Check that the Processing type is set to Monograph for singlepart monographs and Serial for multi-part monographs

        • Optionally, select an ISBN and/or an order item template.

      • Find the appropriate Approval plan in WMS Acquisitions.

        • Click on Add in the action column across from the Approval plan.

        • Click on the Receive link that appears on the Add Item to Order screen

Receive and Invoice the item

  • You can receive and invoice the title at this point, or you can just receive it and invoice later. To receive and invoice, follow these steps, after clicking on the Receive link that appears on the Add Item to Order screen:
    • Select Receive and Invoice for the Action if not already selected.
    • Click on New Invoice and add an Invoice number, vendor and date and click on Save.
      • If the item is a single part monograph, the Monograph tab should be selected and you will see an option to edit the call number and add a barcode. Scan or type in the barcode and hit enter on your keyboard to receive the item and add the holdings.
      • If the item is a multipart monograph, the Serial tab should be selected and you will see an option to Start receiving. Click on Start. If you’ve received all the volumes of the multi-part item you expect to receive, click on Finish. The holdings are added in a separate step. (See Adding Monograph Holdings: Add holdings for multi-part monographs)
    • Click in the Items Processed area on the bottom of the screen. You can go directly to the invoice by clicking on the hyperlink to view it or pay it or mark it ready to pay.


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