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Install and update EZproxy

Find the tools and resources required for installing EZproxy and downloading updates.

End of support for EZproxy on Solaris platform
OCLC ended support for EZproxy on the Solaris 10 (x86) platform on October 31, 2018. We no longer provide software for this platform. We will continue to provide Linux and Windows versions of the software. Customers using EZproxy on Solaris should plan to move their installation of EZproxy to Linux or Windows. If you have questions about this change, please reach out to Customer Support (

When you are ready to install EZproxy, it is best to have your subscription confirmed and your license key, called a WSKey, ready to install. If you have not already received a quote and completed an order form, please visit Ordering EZproxy to take these steps. After you have placed your order, you can Request a WSKey. If you have any additional questions about the order, WSKey, or installation process, please email  

If you obtained a WSKey when you updated to any V6.x, you can use the same WSKey to upgrade to any new release of EZproxy.

Platform Instructions Download version EZproxy 6.5
Linux EZproxy for Linux ezproxy-linux.bin
Windows EZproxy for Windows ezproxy-windows.exe


  • EZproxy for Linux
    The instructions on this page describe how to install and update EZproxy for Linux.
  • EZproxy for Windows
    The instructions on this page describe how to install and update EZproxy for Windows.
  • EZproxy server file permissions
    The following files can be used to secure your EZproxy server by assigning specific permissions and including the given configurations.
  • EZproxy WSKeys
    A WSKey (Web Service Key) is the license key that allows you to run your instance of EZproxy. A WSKey is required for all versions of EZproxy 6.0 and later, as the license keys from previous versions of EZproxy will not work with EZproxy 6.0.
  • Restart EZproxy
    EZproxy requires restarting after configuration and updates are made.
  • WSKey validation and messages
    When an EZproxy administrator installs the WSKey for an EZproxy subscription, EZproxy will contact the WSKey server and attempt to validate that key.