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View Audit Events page (/audit)

Audit events record date, time, event type, source IP, username, and EZproxy session identifier. You can view this recorded information by logging in to your admin page and clicking on the View audit events link.

You can also go directly to the View Audit Events page by adding /audit to then end of your EZproxy server URL. On the View Audit Events page, you can:

  • search audit files by event, IP, location, username, session, or other EZproxy config.txt directives  
  • click the date of the audit log you would like to view

If you choose to view audit events for a specific date, you will see a table similar to the following:

Date/Time Event IP Username Session Other
09:45:24 System       Startup
09:46:02 Login.Success 123.456.789.101 user1 aiwl49dkW0FhnV  
10:14:55 Login.Failure 123.123.456.456 user2    
10:15:34 Login.Success 123.123.456.456 user2 lWoDnR9mQPo9Ifj  
10:30:23 Logout   user1 aiwl49dkW0FhnV  
11:15:14 Logout   user2 lWoDnR9mQPo9Ifj  

 Note: The columns in your audit log table may vary depending upon how you have configured your audit logs to record information.

For more information, see Audit.


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