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EZproxy Administration

The EZproxy Administration page provides access to a variety of configuration, logging, monitoring, security, and test options. Access to these administrative options can be necessary to configure and maintain many of the settings described throughout this support site.
  • EZproxy administration
    Use EZproxy Administration to manage your EZproxy.
  • Admin users (/admin)
    Administrative users can access the EZproxy Administration page. Learn how to create users and assign groups.
  • Server status screen (/status)
    The Server Status screen displays details about your EZproxy installation, configuration, current users, and maintenance options. This information can be useful in troubleshooting configuration problems and performing regular maintenance on EZproxy.
  • Test user.txt configuration screen (/user)
    The Test user.txt Configuration screen allows you to test the existing authentication configuration in your user.txt file and new configurations before adding them to your user.txt file.
  • Check Database Conflicts screen (/conflicts)
    The Check Database Conflicts screen allows you to review your config.txt file for potential overlapping directive statements in your database stanzas. These overlaps may not always cause problems; however, if you are unable to access resources you believe to be configured correctly in your config.txt file, this test page can be a good place to begin troubleshooting.
  • EZproxy Administration resources
    The following pages are referenced elsewhere on this page or contain additional related information to the /admin page.
  • View Audit Events page (/audit)
    Audit events record date, time, event type, source IP, username, and EZproxy session identifier. You can view this recorded information by logging in to your admin page and clicking on the View audit events link.


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