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Option UTF16

Option UTF16 specifies that content sent using UTF-16 encoding should be transformed into UTF-8 and processed by EZproxy. UTF-16 and UTF-8 are UNICODE standards for encoding character sets, especially for international characters. The main purpose for this option is to support the Chinese database Siku Quanshu.

Option NoUTF16 is the default behavior for EZproxy and indicates that U TF-16 content should not be processed by EZproxy.

Option NoUTF16 is a repeatable position-dependent config.txt directive that interacts with database stanzas, following database stanzas until overridden.

Option UTF16
Enable UTF-16 processing for Siku Quanshu, but disable it for Other Database and any databases that follow Other database.
Option UTF16
Title Siku Quanshu
Option NoUTF16
Title Other Database


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