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Option TicketIgnoreExcludeIP

Option TicketIgnoreExcludeIP specifies that users who are sent to EZproxy with a ticket should always be logged in, even if the user is accessing from an excluded IP address. Normally, if a user enters EZproxy through a Starting Point URL, and the corresponding database stanza is configured with ExcludeIP for the user’s address, EZproxy will simply redirect the user to the URL without creating a new session.

To override the default behavior and create a configuration in which all tickets entering EZproxy insure that the user is authenticated into an EZproxy session, add this option to the config.txt file.

Option TicketIgnoreExcludeIP is a non-repeatable position-independent config.txt directive.

Option TicketIgnoreExcludeIP
Direct EZproxy to authenticate users who enter with a ticket, even if otherwise unnecessary.
Option TicketIgnoreExcludeIP
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