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Option RequireAuthenticate

Option RequireAuthenticate is a position-independent config.txt option. This option may be used to allow machines that fall within ExcludeIP ranges to be treated as though that are remote instead of local.

The presence of this option in config.txt directs EZproxy to enable a URL of the form:

The /auth URL is designed for use from machines on your local network that fall within ExcludeIP ranges. Normally, such machines are excluded from proxying. Including this option and accessing the /auth URL allows a local machine to be treated as though it were located remotely, allowing some degree of testing for remote access. Testing in this manner cannot completely duplicate remote access, as some URLs may slip away from EZproxy but still work for a local machine, but this option can still prove useful for performing the bulk of testing while on a local network.

To enable this option, add the following line anywhere in config.txt:
Option RequireAuthenticate
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