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Option ReferInHostname

Option RefererInHostname specifies that when EZproxy is creating a referring URL to authenticate the user into a remote web server, the referring hostname should include the value of the Referer directive. By default, if an EZproxy server named is using LoginPort 80 and a Referer value of demo, then the remote web server will see the request as being referred from If Option RefererInHostname is enabled and EZproxy operates in proxy by hostname, the referring URL would change to

This option can be useful if working with remote web server that authenticate solely based on the hostname portion of the referring URL, without the ability to match on other portions of the URL.

This option affects all databases that use referring URL authentication. It cannot be enabled and disabled on a database stanza by database stanza basis.

Option RefererInHostname
Enable the inclusion of the Referer value in referring URLs and configure Some Database to use referring URL authentication.
Option RefererInHostname 
Referer secret 
Title Some Database
Related directives
Option ProxyByHostname, Referer


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