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Option MetaEZproxyRewriting

Option MetaEZproxyRewriting specifies that a special HTML meta tag may appear in HTML to direct EZproxy to disable its URL rewriting.

Option NoMetaEZproxyRewriting is the default and specifies that EZproxy should ignore the special HTML meta tag and always leave URL rewriting enabled.

For database stanzas that have Option MetaEZproxyRewriting enabled, the tag:

<meta name="EZproxyRewriting" content="disable">

may be inserted before any H TML code in which URL rewriting should n ot occur. This behavior can be reversed by inserting the tag:

<meta name="EZproxyRewriting" content="enable">

before any HTML code in which URL rewriting should occur.

Option MetaEZproxyRewriting is a repeatable position-dependent config.txt directive that interacts with database stanzas. The scope follows database stanzas until it is overridden.

Option MetaEZproxyRewriting
Enable the meta tag for EZproxyRewriting for web pages retrieved from our local web server, but not for web pages from Some Database nor any other databases that appear further down in config.txt.
Option MetaEZproxyRewriting
Title Local Web Server
Option NoMetaEZproxyRewriting
Title Some Database


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