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Option LogUser

Option LogSession specifies that the username provided while logging into EZproxy should be substituted for %u in log formats specified with the LogFormat or LogSPU directives. By including this option in config.txt, your web server log analysis software may be able to link together all of the requests placed by a given user across all EZproxy sessions.

If Option LogSession and Option LogUser both appear in config.txt, then Option LogSession takes priority and prevents Option LogUser from having any effect.

If you want to record both the login username and the session identifier, use Option LogUser to allow %u to be recorded as the username, and %{ezproxy-session}i to record the session identifier.

Option LogUser is a non-repeatable position-independent config.txt directive.

Option LogUser
Enable the username provided during login to be recorded in EZproxy web server log files.
Option LogUser
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LogFormat, LogSPU, Option LogSession


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