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OCLC Support

Upload files on behalf of another institution

Vendors and libraries may need to send files to OCLC to process on behalf of another library. For these institutions, a special SFTP account has been set up. If your institution needs to set up a special account, please contact your regional OCLC Support office to receive SFTP credentials for your institution.

To submit your institution's files to OCLC, log into your account as normal and find the directory to which you want to upload your file. The path for your institution folder would be xfer/metacoll/in.

To submit files for another institution, use the institution's symbol in the path: xfer/SYMBOL/metacoll/in
 Note: Special characters (@, $ and #) in child symbols will act as command control codes which will halt processing. If there is a special character in a child symbol, it will be converted as follows:

  • @ will be replaced with _64
  • $ will be replaced with _36
  • # will be replaced with _35

Include the 7-digit data sync collection ID in the beginning of the file name so that it will be processed according to parameters set in the institution's data sync collection (e.g., 1234567.fileName). If no collection ID is present, the file will be processed according to the parameter set in the institution's default Profile.