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What do I need in order to hear the audio on the course?

You will be given the choice of using either your telephone or a headset attached to your computer when you login to the session.

Using a telephone

  • A speaker phone or telephone headset is preferable. If you will be using an unfamiliar speaker phone or headset, ensure that you are familiar with its features.
  • Things to think about: Does your phone have a mute button? Does your speaker phone also have a microphone, or must you use the handset to speak? Can you replace the handset without disconnecting the call?

Using a computer headset

  • The headset must have a microphone in order for you to ask questions. Ensure that you know how to connect the computer headset to the computer, and plug it in and test it prior to the session.
  • Things to think about: Do you need to turn the headset on, or does it turn on automatically when connected? When you connect or turn on the headset, does it automatically disable built-in speakers so that you don’t hear feedback? Can you both listen and speak? How do you adjust the volume for listening and speaking?