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Where can I create or update a shelving location?

Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery
  • WorldShare Circulation

The Steps for updating/deleting Shelving Locations are:

  • Login to  the OCLC Service Configuration Module
  • Click My
  • Click Holding Codes & Shelving Location Messages
  • Click the blue information icon to read the information there. If at any time you are not sure if you have made an error click the Cancel button at the bottom of the page and start again

In the example below we are editing the shelving locations in the MAIN location/branch.



  • It is recommended that you save a copy of the table as is before you do any editing
    • To save a copy click inside the Shelving Location column in the Holding Location you are working with
    • Right click in the blue area and copy this information into your computers clipboard
    • Open Notepad or another editor that does not add any kind of formatting when you save
    • Paste the contents of this shelving location into the document and save it where you can find it again
  • To edit the shelving locations file use semi-colon ; and a space to separate the shelving locations
  • Do not add a semi-colon at the beginning of the list and do not add a semi-colon to end of the last location. This will not allow WorldCat Discovery to show your availability
  • If you wish to keep a copy of the new list save and name accordingly
  • Then paste the new list into the shelving location column of the location/branch you are working with
  • Click Save Change at the bottom of the page

Note: Once you create a location here it will be available to select in WorldShare Management Circulation (it can take several minutes to be active).

Additional Steps to Take:

Verify that the appropriate loan policy exists for the new shelving location.

  •  Click on the WorldShare Circulation Option in the middle of the navigation menu of the Service Configuration Module.
  •  Click on the Loan Policy option in the WorldShare Circulation list.
  • Open the Select Loan Policy drop down list and verify that the loan policy you want assigned to the new shelf exists.
  • Create and save the new loan policy if necessary.
  • Edit the loan policy map so that loaned items on the new shelving location will be picked up by the appropriate loan policy.
  • Click on the Loan Policy Map option in the WorldShare Circulation.
  • Add lines to the Loan Policy Map to pick up loans for the new shelving location in order to route them to the correct loan policy.
  • Click on the Save button to save your changes to the loan policy map.

Note: It is important to remember that the Loan Policy Map is read from left to right and top to bottom by the system.  When you add new lines, in general, you want the more restrictive rules closer to the top.

Additional information

Please see additional information on this page Holding Codes & Shelving Location Messages.

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