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I'm an author. How do I get a book removed from WorldCat?

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If the item in question has holdings by just a few libraries, you can contact the libraries and ask that they remove their holdings. OCLC can then delete the item. You would need to coordinate these actions by letting OCLC know when the libraries have confirmed their holdings have been deleted. You can check to find libraries with holdings on the item.


In the case of published books, the following explanation was written by the OCLC Quality Control department:


Thank you for your message. I want to explain the context for the bibliographic citation information that you are finding via OCLC’s WorldCat database (


OCLC is a non-profit library cooperative, made up of thousands of member libraries throughout the world. Libraries add bibliographic records to WorldCat representing books and other items in their collections. OCLC does not sell books and the actual content of the book is not provided in our database. Only the bibliographic record (metadata/citation) is presented in WorldCat. The purpose of WorldCat is to enable users to search for a particular book or other item, obtain the basic metadata related to the book and determine which libraries hold a copy of that book in their collections.


I wanted to assure you that the content of the book itself is not contained in WorldCat. WorldCat contains only the bibliographic record/citation associated with the book.


As a part of OCLC’s relationship with our member libraries, we have an obligation to represent the entire content of collections in WorldCat. For OCLC to remove the record/citation from WorldCat, all the libraries that own the item need to agree to remove the book from their catalogs and agree not to re-enter the record in WorldCat.


With this understanding, please let me know if you still want OCLC to remove this information from our database. If you do, you will first need to contact all of the holding libraries and ask them to remove their holdings from the bibliographic record(s) in WorldCat. Once the libraries’ holdings have been deleted, then we will delete the master records from WorldCat.


Please also understand that any removed information can be added back into OCLC’s databases by OCLC’s member libraries at any time as part of their normal operations. OCLC cannot control those actions by its member libraries or ensure that the information will not re-appear. OCLC will, however, use its reasonable efforts to detect a reappearance of the information in OCLC’s databases and again respond consistent with your response to this message. If, after the record has been deleted, you discover that the information has re-appeared in OCLC’s database, please again contact us.

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