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How do I change my logo on Discovery or WorldCat Local?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Discovery
  • WorldCat Local  

This change is made in Service configuration > My > User Interface Options > Logo settings


  •  WorldCat Discovery only accepts images using the SSL protocol, so you must provide a link that uses https:// rather than http://
  • OCLC does not provide SSL server space to use so this must be acquired from local IT departments
  • The logo images should be no more than 80 Pixels by 275 Pixels 
  • Larger images will need to be resized


1. You will need to create the new Logo image you wish to use.
2. Save the new Image on a secure server.
3. Log into your Service configuration >  My > User Interface Options > Logo settings.
4. Enter the URL for the  Logo image URL for the new image you wish to use and click Save.
5. Wait 10 -20 minutes for the change to take affect and clear the cache and history on the browser to ensure new logo displays.

Note: If your new logo is not displaying correctly, please contact OCLC Support for further assistance.

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