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WorldCat Discovery release notes, February 2018

Release Date:  February 28, 2018


The following release notes are for the February 28, 2018 release of WorldCat Discovery:

  • Users with limited access to some full-text links can now see all e-links from search results, and WorldCat e-links are more reliable with MARC 008 publication dates.

Many of these enhancements are the direct result of your feedback.

Recommended actions

Consider configuring the "Access Online" button if your institution limits access of some e-links based on the user.

Include Request ID with problem reports

When reporting an issue with WorldCat Discovery, it is extremely helpful to include the Request ID. The Request ID is found at the bottom of the screen on which the issue occurred. Including this information allows us to directly trace what happened on the request we are troubleshooting.


New features and enhancements

Configure "Access Online" to display one or all e-links

Institutions with a unique need to display all primary "Access Online" e-links on the search results can configure the "Access Online" button to display all e-links. While this configuration can help many institutions to serve multiple e-links to users, we do not recommend this setting as the default for the majority of users, as the primary expectation is for the "Access Online" button to take the user directly to the material available online.

No changes to the existing "Access Online" button have been made unless this opt-in configuration is selected.

Configure the "Access Online" button to send the user to the first e-link or to display all e-links in OCLC Service Configuration > Full Test and Open Access Links > WorldCat Local Search Results // WorldCat Discovery Search Results and Detailed Views > Display primary links on search results and Course Reserves:

Access online configuration

If two or more primary links are present for a record, and the setting for "Display all primary links" is enabled, users see the "Access Online" button display with an expansion indicator:

Access online button

Selecting the "Access Online" button expands the "Access Online" links into a scrolling tray filled with primary links, as configured by your institution:

List of open access links

Please note that only the following primary links on search results and Course Reserves will display:

  • WorldCat knowledge base links
  • Local Holding Records 856 links
  • OPAC links
  • Master WorldCat record 856 links
  • Non-WorldCat record 856/956 links

When only one primary link is associated with a search result, and the "Display all links" setting in Service Configuration is enabled, the "Access Online" button will behave as a link everywhere it is visible. The icon changes to indicate when there is only one available link:

Only one link available

When the "Display all links" setting in Service Configuration is enabled, the "Access Online" button will anchor a user to the full list of primary links available for that record:

List location

Report a Broken link from search results

When the "Display all links" setting in Service Configuration is enabled, users can "Report a broken link" from search results and Course Reserves. "Report a broken link" is only primary for links:

Report a broken link

WorldCat knowledge base links enhanced with MARC 008 field

In cases where there is no MARC 949 $g publication date, WorldCat Discovery will send MARC 008 field positions 07 to 10 for publication dates when constructing WorldCat knowledge base links for articles.

Bug fixes

Corrected resource sharing button for Level 2 fulfillment groups: Custom URL

Institutions can configure and use the additional Resource Sharing button type of Custom URL for their Level 2 fulfillment button. Previously, this option may not have worked for all institutions.

To configure and use this setting, members must have a Level 2 fulfillment group configured with OCLC and set up in OCLC Service Configuration > My > Place Hold/Request Buttons > Resource Sharing (Any Level) and select Configure an additional button.

Select Custom URL from the Type of button configuration drop-down menu and enter your URL into the blank field.

Custom URL button

Configure the Custom URL to appear for your Level 2 fulfillment group in OCLC Service Configuration > My > Place Hold/Request Buttons > For items owned by your "Level 2":

Level 2 fulfillment

New content

This is a list of new databases added to WorldCat Discovery, WorldCat Local and since our last update.

You can enable these databases as search options in the Licensed Content and Databases module of the OCLC Service Configuration site. Please remember that your library must have a valid subscription to these databases in order to enable them.

Available in WorldCat Discovery, WorldCat Local and

From Journals - International Edition - English-language version of journals offered by

From Oxford University Press

Law Trove - Collection of OUP Law textbooks.

Oxford Clinical Psychology - Collection of OUP Clinical Psychology textbooks.

Politics Trove - Collection of OUP Politics textbooks.

Available in WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local

From Gale

Scribner Writers Online - This collection consists of all volumes in the Scribner American Writers series, including: American Writers (the 4-volume base set and all supplements), American Writers Retrospective and American Writers Classics.

Twayne's Authors Online - The acclaimed Twayne's Author Series of literary criticism offers in-depth introductions to the lives and works of writers, the history and influence of literary movements and to the development of literary genres.

From Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties

東京文化財研究所美術文献目録 (Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Art Bibliography in Japan) - Articles on art and culture property derived from various related sources, such as journals, newspapers, exhibition catalogues, exhibition reports, and museum bulletins. It covers those published since the Meiji Era.

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