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WorldCat Discovery release notes, August 2018

Release Date:  August 23, 2018


The following release notes are for the August 23, 2018 release of WorldCat Discovery. 

WorldCat Discovery August release highlights

Users can engage with full-sized CONTENTdm images using the OpenSeadragon viewer, an IIIF viewer.

Institutions can ease the transition for their users from WorldCat Local to WorldCat Discovery with enhanced redirects. 

Include Request ID with problem reports

When reporting an issue with WorldCat Discovery, it is extremely helpful to include the Request ID. The Request ID is found at the bottom of the screen on which the issue occurred. Including this information allows us to directly trace what happened on the request we are troubleshooting.

Request ID

New features and enhancements

Engage with images from CONTENTdm digital repositories using OpenSeadragon, an IIIF viewer

Engage with images from CONTENTdm digital repositories using OpenSeadragon, an International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) viewer in WorldCat Discovery. 

An expand icon displays on images that qualify for OpenSeadragon viewer use: 

content 1.png

Selecting the expand icon will open the image in the OpenSeadragon viewer as a modal: 

content 2.png

Users can engage with the photo using the following tools: 

  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out
  • Return to original size image
  • Display in Full Size screen mode
  • Rotate left
  • Rotate right

To qualify for viewer use, the image and CONTENTdm repository must meet the following qualifications:

  • Originate from a hosted CONTENTdm site
  • Images must be saved with IIIF enabled in the CONTENTdm repository
  • Have been synced through Digital Collection Gateway to create a citation in the WorldCat database
  • CONTENTdm hosted sites with custom domains must have a valid https certificate on file with OCLC

Help users transition from WorldCat Local to WorldCat Discovery with enhanced redirects  

Enhanced URL redirects will help libraries transitioning from WorldCat Local to WorldCat Discovery. These redirects ensure a successful experience for library users from any WorldCat Local page to a corresponding page in WorldCat Discovery. 

Four new redirects will improve the migration process:

  • WorldCat Local landing page -> WorldCat Discovery landing page
  • WorldCat Local advanced search page -> WorldCat Discovery advanced search page
  • WorldCat Local permalinks -> WorldCat Discovery permalinks 
  • All other WorldCat Local pages -> WorldCat Discovery landing page.

When your institution is ready to transition from WorldCat Local to WorldCat Discovery, please refer to Configuration for WorldCat Local libraries moving to WorldCat Discovery for configuration guidance. Contact OCLC Support in your region with questions about your transition. 

Bug Fixes

Held by statement is no longer a link to OPACs for WMS institutions

Following feedback from WMS institutions, the held by statement is no longer a clickable link for all WMS institutions. The held by statement remains visible to help end users determine the item’s location. 

For non-WMS institutions, the held by statement remains clickable and leads to library OPACs for availability information. To configure or update your library OPAC information, go to Service Configuration -> WorldCat Registry -> Online Catalog.

eLinks from Level 2 availability groups no longer erroneously display

Since licensed content from Level 2 group scopes do not allow users from other institutions to access their content, institutions with a Level 2 availability group will no longer see eLinksdisplay from group institutions. 

Please note, this functionality will be installed by September 5th.

Only list creator can change a note on a shareable list 

Users will no longer see an Add Note button on shared personal lists when they do not have permission to add notes. Only authenticated users who created the shared list can add notes.

Searching more than one scope level adds to overall results 

For institutions with more than one Library scope level configured, the Library facet will use the Boolean OR operator instead of AND to add additional results as additional scopes are added to the search.

New content

This is a list of new databases added to WorldCat Discovery, WorldCat Local and since our last update.

You can enable these databases as search options in the Licensed Content and Databases module of the OCLC Service Configuration site. Please remember that your library must have a valid subscription to these databases in order to enable them.

Available in WorldCat Discovery, WorldCat Local, and

From eBooks – Geography and Environment – Francophone eBooks in Geography and Environment.

From eBooks – Public Health – Francophone eBooks in Public Health. 

From Pocket Encyclopedias – Social Matters – Francophone pocket encyclopedias in Social Matters. 

Available in WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local

From Gale

Global Issues in Context – Global awareness and the development of critical thinking and information literacy skills.

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