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WorldCat Discovery release notes, April 2017

Release Date: April 13, 2017


The following release notes are for the April 13, 2017 release of WorldCat Discovery.

WorldCat Discovery April release highlights

Users can now cite items with up-to-date versions of popular citation styles, quickly find course reserves items, reliably navigate to and from detailed search results using their browser’s back button and find known items with enhanced type-ahead suggestions.

Also, users can place holds and request items with language familiar to them, and libraries transitioning from WorldCat Local can move course reserves data to WorldCat Discovery. Lastly, users will understand the author’s relationship to an item on the detailed search results.

Include Request ID with problem reports

When reporting an issue with WorldCat Discovery, it is extremely helpful to include the Request ID. The Request ID is found at the bottom of the screen on which the issue occurred. Including this information allows us to directly trace what happened on the request we are troubleshooting.

Request ID

New features and enhancements

Cite items with latest version of popular citation styles

Users can now cite search results with the latest versions of style manuals, including Harvard and Turabian.

As always, users can cite items from search results, detailed search results or My List:

Cite items

After clicking the Cite button, users may copy a citation from any of ten citation styles, including MLA 8th edition or Chicago 16th edition (author – date and notes – bibliography).

Select a citation type

Selecting a citation style displays the formatted citation that’s ready to copy and paste. The citation style selected is saved for an entire session; each additional citation during the session will display in the selected style. A dialog box provides suggestions about common citation problems to consider when proofreading citations

Citation notice

Users may also export citations in common bibliographic formats to EndNote or RefWorks. Metadata in less common bibliographic formats can be exported in an RIS file.

The following common bibliographic formats are currently supported:

  • Article/downloadable article
  • Chapter
  • Downloadable image
  • Downloadable visual materials (photographs and original art)
  • e-book
  • e-video
  • Film
  • Internet resource
  • Print book (excluding theses/dissertations, microfilm, large print, Braille or continually updated resources)
  • Video (including Blu-ray, DVD, VHS)
  • Website

Find Course Reserves items with availability and access online

Course Reserves users can determine where to pick up or access an item

Users can immediately determine if a course reserves item is available locally or online. Permanent bibliographic items with a full-text link display the “Access Online” button and locally-available items display information about availability. Temporary materials still require manual entry of the call number and do not display the availability status.

Course reserves availability

Help users find the course reserves copy of a specific edition or format

You can now set course reserves availability information to always display for specific shelving locations. The example above shows availability information when the first item is available in the Main Periodicals and in 2-Hour Reserves. 2-Hour Reserves has been configured to always display even if the copy at that location is currently unavailable. Configure this course reserves availability in OCLC Service Configuration -> My -> OPAC Statuses, Locations and Circulation Policies to associate the “*Reserves*” shelving location with course reserves availability display.

In this case, “*Reserves*” will match any shelving location with the word “Reserves” in it, such as “2 Hour Reserves” or “4 Hour Reserves.” Without the wildcards, only a location that exactly matches “Reserves” will display.

If no copies of an edition or format are in the reserves location, the first available copy displays with its location.

Reliably navigate between detailed search results

Users can now navigate from a detailed search result view to the brief search results using their browser’s back button. The browser back button recognizes when users click on individual detailed records and returns to the previous step in their search results review.

In the following example, clicking the browser back button returns a user from viewing a detailed record in the left-hand side panel to the previously-viewed search results display.

Detailed search results

Narrow known-item searches with type-ahead suggestions

Type-ahead suggestions help users search their terms in the title index, a helpful index for known item searches. As before, previously-searched terms continue to help users to expand their search terms. The following examples illustrate how the type-ahead works.

Type ahead suggestions

Selecting the “in title” option adds the index label “ti:” (the title index) to a query

In title search option

Help users request items and place holds with custom fulfillment text

WorldCat Discovery now displays custom fulfillment text maintained in OCLC Service Configuration.

Instead of buttons, users see descriptive links the library staff configure to connect them to the correct hold or request option. This means you can use text that is meaningful to your users. Examples are:

Place hold options

To change the custom fulfillment text, go to OCLC Service Configuration -> My -> Place Hold/Request Buttons and change the text for each label you wish to customize. In addition, nonWorldShare Management Services libraries can configure the option to open fulfillment information in a new tab or window. Here is a level 1 label example:

Place hold button settings

Import Course Reserves from WorldCat Local to WorldCat Discovery

Librarians who set up course reserves in WorldCat Local can now request a one-time copy of this data to course reserves in WorldCat Discovery.

Please consider the following before making a request:

Schedule your data move with your institution’s implementation of WorldCat Discovery

Since this is a one-time data transfer, time the move with your institution’s implementation of WorldCat Discovery. This eliminates the need to maintain two separate interfaces

Choose to migrate Active, Inactive or All courses from WorldCat Local

Transfer course reserves data with the following status designators in WorldCat Local: Active, Inactive or All. Be aware that courses with a status of Active in WorldCat Local may not display as Active in WorldCat Discovery, because WorldCat Discovery uses the Active status for courses in progress. So, be sure to review and update course dates to ensure course statuses display as expected.

When moving course reserves data, keep in mind that all items associated with each course also transfers. This includes permanent bibliographic items, as well as temporary materials created in WorldCat Local. Items are attached to a course, so they cannot be transferred separately.

No data will be deleted from WorldCat Local when it is transferred to WorldCat Discovery. However, duplication may occur if there are existing courses in WorldCat Discovery.

Request transfer of your library’s course reserves data

Fill out the Course Reserves Migration form and your request will be processed within five business days. OCLC will contact you to confirm a successful transfer of your library’s course reserves data

Show person’s relationship to an item on the detailed search results

To help users understand why a person is associated with an item, the person’s relationship to an item now displays on detailed search results.

Contributor relationship in detailed search results

New content

This is a list of new databases added to WorldCat Discovery, WorldCat Local and since our last update.

You can enable these databases as search options in the Licensed Content and Databases module of the OCLC Service Configuration site. Please remember that your library must have a valid subscription to these databases in order to enable them.

The complete list of databases is available at

Available in WorldCat Discovery, WorldCat Local and

From Acquisdata

Executive Movements – Financial and business developments in a range of industries around the globe.

Macrosource Media – Financial and business developments in a range of industries around the globe.

Mergers and Acquisitions – Financial and business developments in a range of industries around the globe.

From American Society for Microbiology

ASM Journals – ASM Journals are the most prominent in the field, delivering up-to-date and authoritative coverage of both basic and clinical microbiology.

From Brill

Rosenne’s Law and Practice of the International Court: 1920-2015 – Leading work on the court.

From Duke University Press

e-Duke Journals Scholarly Collection: Expanded – Expanded collection of journals in the humanities and social sciences from Duke University Press.

e-Duke Journals Scholarly Collection: Standard – Standard collection of journals in the humanities and social sciences from Duke University Press.


SMPTE Digital Library – Covering all aspects of motion image technology including the iconic color bar test patterns, time code, timed text, and digital cinema.

From McGraw-Hill Education

HemOnc Collection – An online resource covering the entire spectrum of hematology-oncology from the basics to specialty-specific content supporting education and certification/recertification.


NARCIS – NARCIS, de toegang tot wetenschappelijke informatie in Nederland. NARCIS, the gateway to scholarly information in the Netherlands.

From University of California Press

University of California Press Journals – International publisher of works in the humanities and social sciences, with concentrations in sociology, musicology, history, religion, cultural and area studies, and literature.

Available in WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local

From 1science

1science oaFindr – 1science oaFindr offers open access scholarly articles published in peerreviewed journals from diverse global publishers.

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